A Revolution in Imaging Technology-
Now a Partnership in Quality

    A partnership between the Xerox Corporation and Images II has resulted in a new method of producing images. Years ago, Xerox invented the process of copying an image onto paper. In the mid-1980s, they invented a color copier and later a way to print from a computer. The advancements of the 80s created colorful images, but the quality was better suited for graphs and charts rather than photographs.
    Images II entered into the photographic business in 1974, distributing quality photographic lab equipment and image consultation. Our experienced staff of photo and electronic engineers have developed new and better ways to process images for the consumer. In the early 1980s, we developed the Creation Station, a sophisticated system for making graphic presentations. These systems have been sold worldwide and have been selected by the US military as the standard for productivity and creativity.

    Through years of research, a new system has been developed, a system combining the power and experience of Xerox with the skill and expertise of Images II:
    Images from any source, such as film, transparencies or computer-generated files, can be produced at photographic resolution with less cost and without any of the environmentally harmful photochemical processes. Our system has no chemistry, no water, no plumbing, no fumes and the finished prints are coated to protect against the wear and tear of everyday life.
    Negative film. Transparencies. Color. Black and white. This system can make prints directly from the millions of digital cameras in use. Package prints for team leagues and church directories, business cards personalized with individual pictures for less than a dollar a sheet, greeting cards with the family name and the family picture on the front and brochures advertising the next upcoming company picnic with color photos of last year's gala event.


The PHOTO-STATION can do most anything!